Trusted partner in the automotive
and maintenance sectors

Optimal MW ensures the highest quality of its products and offers a wide range of repair kits in the automotive fields as well as spare parts ensuring reliable maintenance within the industry. To address the needs of the market we provide technically advanced, high-quality products, while continuing to develop a more detailed understanding of their use. Our broad product range, knowledge and years of experience allow us to maintain our leading position in the Polish market, as confirmed by the numerous recommendations from business partners with exacting standards.

We recognise the needs of the market and adapt to the demands by developing our potential.

Automotive bearings

We offer a wide range of automotive bearings, including bearings for: wheels, automatic transmissions, alternators and air conditioning compressors. Our warehouse stock ensures the continual availability of a wide variety of bearings in Poland. Based on our extensive experience we offer high-quality bearings at the best prices, while our logistic solutions ensure that we are a trusted partner in the automotive sector, widely appreciated in terms of professionalism, commitment and a tailored approach to each client.

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Your partner in maintenance

Maintenance is one of the key factors enhancing productivity. Our company provides professional support through a wide range of products, technical consultancy and effective partnership with the procurement departments.

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Motorcycle bearings

Motorcycles are now one of the most popular means of transport, especially in busy city traffic. With so many moving parts, it is not a surprise that a motorcycle needs 20 to 30 different bearings on average. These are used in the essential components, including the engine, gearbox and wheels. Our bearings help lower friction and reduce vibration. They also ensure reliable power transmission from the engine to the wheels. The complete repair kits for wheel hubs and steering-head we offer include KOYO seals and bearings, which are in many cases used by the manufacturer as original equipment.

Parts for the agricultural sector

Our diverse and versatile range, which includes housings, belts, bearings and freehubs, is designed for anyone who appreciates the highest quality, which we have achieved through our customised technical solutions, high precision manufacturing and use of the best quality materials and housings that can withstand the highest loads and the most extreme conditions.

Consultancy and support

The technologically advanced world of the 21st century makes it hard to keep track of the new possibilities provided by science and technology.
Our consultants are in direct contact with the manufacturers and their research & development departments, gaining considerable expertise that they are happy to share with our clients. This also allows us to address the most complex situations. Check our knowledge base, which is updated and developed together with our suppliers, or you can contact our technical consultants directly.


Logistics and warehousing

Our smoothly-functioning warehouse with its over 50,000 products, managed by an efficient logistics system, are two closely connected departments, without which trust and effective order fulfilment would not be possible.
The modern warehouse management system allows to quickly locate and prepare for shipment every ordered product, while our trusted logistic partners guarantee that the goods are delivered as expected.
Those are the pillars of our effective operations, allowing us and our partners to look forward to an optimistic future.